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Original Plate 1
The Kletsk Community, 1922

[Plate 1]: [H & Y] Below: from Right to left: Menakhem Hernzon,
Zalman Melamed, Goottzeit, YitzkhakTzerkovitz, Unknown,
Khanan Abramovitz,Iyzik Levinbook, Eliyahu Hernzon (in Israel),
Second row: R' Zisl Miler, R' Eliezer Cohen, R' Khayim Fimshtein,
Hagr"a Kotler (in the States),Rabbi R' Khayim Shimon Hernzon,
Meizel (emissary of Hayas)
Third row: Unknown, Moshe Khayim Fish, Shabtie Dov Manyer,
David Yizgor, Shmuel Khayim Brevda, Israel Shkliar,
David Kaz', Meir Khayim Kulkovsky, Shimon Kornas, D.B. Malkin,
R' Nakhman Agolnik, Iyzik Katzav, R' Nakhman Melamed,
Barukh Dlugatsh, Unknown.
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