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Searching for Common Ancestors
My ancestors came from shtetl X, so I searched for them there.

Would it not make sense to look in X and also in neighboring towns, especially if there is some evidence that the towns formed a kind of regional unit, with intermarriage and mobility among the towns in that area?

Some of us looking for our KIRZNER (or similar) ancestors in what is now central Belarus began working on the theory the region of the towns of Kletsk, Lyakovichi, and Nesvizh (KLN for short) formed such a regional unit. Three towns with Jewish populations of approximately the same size, more-or-less directly connected:

kln area

We discovered a handful of KIRZNERs in each town, some of whom might be related to other KIRZNERs in the KLN area, but no firm connections. The theory that these three towns shared common family lines wasn't strongly supported by what we found -- though it wasn't disproven, either.

These pages are a record of our efforts in the KLN area.

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