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During World War I, the father of a young Jewish girl, Sara, leaves Poland for the U.S., leaving his wife and three daughters behind in their home in a tiny un-named village.

Sometime later, Sara’s mother moves Sara and her two younger sisters from their village to the nearby town of Luban, south of Minsk, where they endure turbulence and violence resulting from prejudice, revolution, and war. The four survive the war, but find themselves on the wrong side of the Russian—Polish border. It becomes too difficult on the Russian side to communicate with Father in America and their hopes for reuniting the family are frustrated.

Around 1924, the four flee through Slutsk and Kopyl and across the guarded border to Kletsk. The family is aided in Kletsk by the renowned Kletsker Rebbe, Aharon Kotler, and the well-respected Rabbi Chaim Pimstein.

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