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Original Plate 2
Dedication of the Kletzk Yeshiva, 1927

Plate 2: [H+Y] Dedication of the Yeshiva building
Participants labeled with Hebrew numbers.

א Head of the Yeshiva, the Gaon Rabbi R' Aharon Kotler
ב Rabbi Khayim Shimon Hernzon
ג the Rabbi A. Tz. Ka'my, from Mir
ד the Rabbi R' Aharon Volkin, from Pinsk
ה the Rabbi from Mnyesvizsh,Yerakhmiel Bergman
ו representative of the Rabbis in Vilna, the Gaon Rabbi R' M. Karlitz
ז the Rabbi from Rakau, R' Avraham Kadlmanovitz
ח the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Epshtein, from Kletzk
ט the Rabbi R' Aharon Burgansky, from Sna've
י the Gaon Rabbi R' Yaakov Yaslovsky, from Kletzk
יב Rabbi D.D.Kreizer, from Kletzk
יג the Gaon Rabbi R' Yosef Shuv, from Vilna,
representative of the Committee of the Yeshivas
יד The Magid Rapaport, from Bialystok
טו Rabbi R. S. Greyniman, representative of The Khorev Center in Vilna
טז R' Khayim Pimshtein, Chairman of the Building Committee
יז R' Nakhman Melamed, the Yeshiva Scribe
יח Mr. Tz. M. R., from Bialystok

Plate 2d: [Banner at photo top:] Laying the corner-stone for the
building of the holy YeshivaEtz-Chayim of Slutzk, now in Kletzk,
Tuesday, first of the month of Iyar, 5687 [3rd of May 1927]
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Notes: Gaon: brilliant. Mnyesvizsh: probably Nesvizh, the nearest town of any size to the north of Kletzk. Sna've: possibly the small town Snow, northwest of Kletzk. Magid: a traveling narrator of Torah and religious stories. Etz-Chayim: Hebrew: Tree of Life.

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