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View the original Kletsk Yizkor Book, in Hebrew/Yiddish, in image form at the New York Public Library (NYPL). View the Table of Contents and the Name Index of the Kletsk Memorial Book Translation Project at JewishGen. 

All pages except the first are numbered with Hebrew digits. This numbering is translated to English and retained in the labeling of the images. Thus the second image on Plate ה is labeled “5.2"; the thumbnail image file is
“tn_5.2.jpg" while the full size image is “5.2.jpg".

Initially, the photos are presented in the same order as in the print book. As the captions and detail texts are translated and interpreted, the original order will be likely be modified for clarity in a web-based, rather than print presentation.

Caption Translations: Hannah Kadmon
[H+Y] = original caption in Hebrew and Yiddish
[H] = original caption in Hebrew
[Y] = original caption in Yiddish


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0 Table of Contents
(no page numbers)
1 The Kletsk Community, 1922 A group of ~27 named men.
2 Dedication of the Kletzk Yeshiva, 1927 A group of 17 named men attending
3 Kletsk Yeshiva. A poster-montage of the factulty and students.
4 The Kletsk Yeshiva • Construction photo of Yeshiva in Kletsk
• Photo of Kletsk Yeshiva in Rekhovot, Israel
• Staff and students of Tushiya School
5 Kletsk Rabbis and dignitaries • Hayim Pimshtein
• The Gaon R' Isar Meltzer
• Rabbi R' Khayim Shimon Hernzon and the Rebetzn
• The Shuv R' Shmuel Veler
• The Shochet R' Gershon Eizenshtadt
• Rabbi David Dov Kreizer
6 Scenes of Old Kletsk

• Streets of Kletsk (a street scene)
• Der Vaal, the Lan' River
• Kletsk Jewish Cemetery, west of town

7 Scenes of Old Kletsk • Tzepra/Tzeprer Street (scene), 1928
• The market square,north side, looking east
• The market square, north side, looking south
8 Scenes of Old Kletsk

• Zaranovska/Zaranovska/Sabatsher Street
• Radzimont Street, 1928
• Nesvizh Street, 1928

9 Scenes of Old Kletsk • Tatars Street, 1928; the Mosque
• Keidar Street, flooded; pig visible
• Ramishtza Street, 1928
10 Scenes of Old Kletsk • The Polish Bank and Mr. Mushkat's House
• Pankratovska Street
• The Hekalutz workshop, 1925; 4 named young men
11 The Great Shul and street scene • Rear view of the Great (Cold) Shul (synagogue)
• The courtyard (south of the market square)
12 The Great Shul and street scenes • Front view of the Great (Cold) Shul (synagogue), and small Shul.
• Jew's street*
• Jew's street*
13 Tarbut School • Tarbut School, staff and students, Kletzk, 1924 (no names given)
14 Tarbut School Class • Tarbut School, Kletzk, 1921 (3 names given)
15 Tarbut School • Certificate of Appreciation to Contributor Y. Trobovitz, drawn by Israel Vilntchik, grade 5
16 Talmetoyre School • The managers, teachers, and pupils, 1925 (no names given)
17 Beyt-Yaakov School • Administration and teachers
• Members of the Pioneer Federation in Sipishka
18 Two Youth Groups • A group of Pioneer Youth (no names given)
• Central Pioneers (~21 names given)
19 Pioneers Youth Group • Pioneers in Kletzk (1 name given)
• On the occasion of Eliyahu Fish and Rivka Soler's departure for Israel (18 names given)
20 Young Pioneers Youth Group • The Aliya of the Pioneers of Kletzk 1920-21 (~18 names given)
• Meeting of the Pioneers of Kletzk in Tel-Aviv, 1933 (~14 names given)
21 Keren Kayemet Le'Israel Youth Group (and others)

• Activists (~27 names given)
• On the occasion of the Aliya of Sarah Tziak to the land of Israel (7 names given)
• Group of Religious Youth (9 names given)
• Group by a windmill (5 names given)
• Group vacationing in Halinka (no names given)
• Hashomer Hatza'ir Chapter (~14 names given)

22 A gathering of people in the central square • Parade of Hashomer Hatza'ir in the market square, Lag-B'Omer, 1925
23 A theatrical group • Amateur Actors (13 names given)
24 The Russian Revolution in Kletsk • Revolutionary Demonstration, 1917 (no names given)
25 A clinic • The clinic/infirmary Bikur Kholim
• A group in an examination room (8 names given)
• A group of 17 men (17 names given)
26 Scenes of Old Kletsk • The Jews of Kletzk depart from (say goodbye to) M. Tarabur (1 name given)
27 Scenes of Old Kletsk • The Jews of Kletsk depart from (say goodbye to) M. Tarrow (no names given)
28 Scenes of Old Kletsk • Itche the coachman, fixing his coach at the Smithy, 1928
• Firemen Unit (no names given)
• Unidentified man selling newspapers
• Womens' sewing workshop, 1928
• Hillel, the water-carrier, 1928
• Tailors' Workshop, 1928.
29 Scenes of Old Kletsk

• The Klezmer Band, 1928 (4 names given)
• A group of butchers, 1928 (no names given)
• A rehearsal [parade] of the firemen unit, 1928 (no names given)
• 2 Tanners (no names given)

30 Scenes of Old Kletsk • Portrait of Yehoshua Barzily (Izenshtadt)
• Dual portrait: Nisan and Simka Kantorovitz
• Portrait of Feiga Zeltzer
• Portrait of Neshe Feder
31 Old Poland?; The Pioneers of Zion • Portrait of Rabbi Simkha Leib Izraelit
• Dual portrait: David Izraeli and his wife Sheine-Khana
• Portrait: unidentified
• Portrait of Pesya Shiff-Feinberg
• Portrait: unidentified
• Group photo, Members of Hitakhdut, (50+ names given)
32 Public Activists of Kletzk • The teacher R' Dov Katzenelson
• Ze'ev Turbovitz
• R' Zissl Miller
• R' Michael Turbovitz
• Izik Katzav
• N. Y. Shiff
• Meir Khayim Kolkovsky
33 Old Poland and Israel? • Libche (Khemda) Farfel. Killed in the Warsaw Ghetto
• The road leading to the common grave in Starina Forest
• Lipa Nitzberg
• Group Photo. Named: Nisan Izraelevitsh, a Partisan from Kletzk
• Portrait: unidentified
• A local self-protection group 1919 (no names given)
34 Kletzkers Abroad • United Kletzker Relief, Committee for Relief in New York (30 names given)
35 Kletzkers Abroad • A committee of Kletzkers in Argentina (14 names given)
36 Kletzkers Abroad • Portrait of Fruma Kam-Kolakovsky of the activists of Poalei Zion and Hekhalutz, The Pioneer in Kletzk
• Committee of Kletzkers in Buenos Aires (12 names given)
• Portrait of Yitkhak Altshool (Argentina)
37 Activists for the memorial book

• Portrait of Eliyahu Fish
• Portrait of Yitzkhak Trobavitz
• Portrait of Rabbi Yitzkhak Halevi Epshtein
• Portrait of B. Kaplan (Siniavka-New York)
• Portrait of Yokheved (Yakhe) Reiss (New York)
• Portrait of Yossef Reiss (New York)
• Portrait of Meir Pal (Buenos Aires)
• David Kolakovsky (Buenos Aires)
• Max Gelfand (Buenos Aires)
• Yitzkhak Shmukler (Buenos Aires)

38 Members of the Committee of the Organization of Kletzkers in Israel • Portrait of Aharon Cohen
• Portrait of Yossef Frenkel
• Portrait of Yaakov Turbovitz
• Portrait of Eliyahu Lias/Lios
• Portrait of Sarah Nenker
• Portrait of Khayim Yonatan Kreizer
39 A U.S. Kletsk landmanshaft dignitary • Portrait of Moshe Tarabur (Tarrow)

* The captions for these photos are identical
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