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Our Father Leaves for America (1916)


“Mother, where is father going?”

“Don't worry darling, he will return soon … meanwhile you have to study… and while he is far away, you will have to write him.”

“Will father have to be away for a long time?”

“Yes, darling, he will travel to America, and it will be a while before he returns.”

“Why is he traveling so far? Why is he leaving? We have a pleasant life here.”

“Darling, when father arrives at his destination I will tell you why he had to leave.”

I remember that parting from father was very, very difficult. We were three sisters. At age 7, I was the oldest. My sisters were 4 1/2 years and 3. We kissed father again and again. Mother could not stop crying. We hugged her and begged her not to cry any more. Father was going to America, the USA.

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