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Luban Life Returns to Normal, But...

After the disaster more soldiers arrived in town and quiet was reestablished. Several months went by and life returned to be relatively normal. During the upheavals no member of our family was hurt. But mother kept on worrying; she insisted that it was impossible in Russia to receive news from the USA: “There was nothing left for us to do in Russia, the country would not allow us to emigrate and people in Poland were already starting to leave for America”.

Mother consulted with Grandfather and her brother and told them that she wanted to go to Poland with her daughters; after arriving there she would decide would to do next. They opposed her separating from the family, especially with three young children, but in the end she ignored their advice. The views of her three daughters strengthened her resolve. Though we were very young, mother relied on our opinions. Being the oldest, I became mothers right hand and she took my opinions very much into consideration.

I said: “Yes, Mother, we should go to Poland and there we will receive news from father. If he is alive, he will help us to come to the USA. ”

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Editor's Notes: If he is alive: Did Sara suppose that such horrific events also were occurring in the U.S.?

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