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Living in War
In this manner we lived a life of great difficulties for all. We went to school and everybody tried to live as normally as possible. But when the rulers started changing and power passed from one group to another, Poles attacked Jewish houses, some of them of people we knew. They also attacked Jews on the streets and tied them to horses and the horses dragged them through the town. They searched Jewish houses for arms and if they found some, the owner of the house received 50 lashes.

One Friday, Grandfather came to visit us and he told us that his son, our uncle Berl, was flogged after having been tied to a bench and was left there until nightfall. Such things happened every day to Jewish males.

At this time groups of bandits formed. During the day, they hid in the forests and during the night they attacked the Jews. These brutal and savage murderers entered the small towns and killed Jews at random. Those Jews who had friends among the Christians spent the nights in the house of these friends. However, we heard of cases in which the bandits in the early mornings surprised those who had found refuge during the night and killed them.

Many were allowed to hide in non-Jewish homes and some stayed there until the Germans took power in the area.

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Editor's Notes: My grandfather: Probably Grandfather Molin, as Sara's maternal grandparents were apparently already deceased. The revolution: Presumably, the Russian Revolution of 1917, either in February or October.

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