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To Slutzk

A short time later we succeeded in selling our part of the inheritance and we went to Slutzk. We left with the cow, our bedding, etc.

In Slutzk we rented a room in the house of the rabbi of the town and we became friends with his family. This rabbi was very famous at the time and we followed his advice.

We stayed in Slutzk for a few months; we children did not want to travel further. But mother had defined her plan and she demanded that we act accordingly. The rabbi recommended people who had experience in crossing the border, and a week after Sukkoth we left Slutzk.

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Editor's Notes: the inheritance: apparently Sara’s mother's interest in the Luban house. Slutsk was a large town and had been the home to many Rabbis. Why is this famous Rabbi not identified? Was it Rabbi Meltzer, identified at the time as a prominent Slutzker Rebbe? See the Slutzk Yizkor Book.

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