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I Am Courted (2)
And so I began accepting mother's goal: that I marry. So I accepted his courtship with the condition that he first had to go to Argentina, a condition he accepted. Only then our family would follow him. I stated two other conditions: that we would not become engaged in Kletsk before leaving and that he would promise not only to help me to emigrate to Argentina, but also my mother and my two sisters. I was not willing to leave without them.

The young hairdresser, in spite of being less than 18 years old, had by then already a salon in the center of town. He sold this salon, but the money he received from the sale was not enough to pay for the crossing. Later I learned through my sisters that my mother lent him the twenty-five dollars he had been short. He then asked his brother Yankl, who already had been in Argentina for two years, to help him to immigrate to Argentina. Yankl was not able to help him with money, but he was able to make the necessary arrangements to help his brother enter the country legally. The young hairdresser had no problems in obtaining a passport and he set the date for his departure.

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