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Motl leaves for Argentina
Aside from everything, we had another problem. Mother never wanted to write father about her deteriorating health, nor of her plans to emigrate to Argentina. After Father learned of Mother's death, he tried a different way of obtaining a visa for us. He requested entry permits to the US for three orphaned minors. A couple of months later I had to reveal to him what Mother had kept secret: by this time Motl had lent me all the documents I needed to make my voyage to Argentina. Yet that resulted to be in vain, as Motl was a minor and did not have an income high enough to allow him to bring his bride into the country. Therefore Yankl, his older brother, had to make the request, adducing that I was his niece, for he already made enough money to bring in his orphaned niece.
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Editor's Notes: Ment: More probably: arranged for. Adducing: providing formal evidence.

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