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Seeking Help from HIAS
Three weeks after arriving in Poland, Mother and I decided to travel to the town of Baranovich to visit the main office of HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) of Poland which was located he countries where they lived and it was there that we had initiate the processing of the documents necessary for our immigration to the US.

Our aunt Jane and her daughter Sarah lived in Baranovich and they were also waiting their turn to immigrate to the US. They had been for eight months in Baranovich and had succeeded in obtaining most of the documents. They only had to obtain American visas. Aunt Jane helped me to fill out all the forms, so we would have all the documentation ready when news from father arrived.

We sent more letters to father, transmitting the directions we received from HIAS telling him what he had to do in order to expedite our immigration to the US. After five weeks we finally received a letter from father that included some money, telling us that he had initiated the procedures to obtain the documents demanded by Poland to allow us to immigrate to the US. He was going to send these documents directly to HIAS.

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Editor's Notes: to travel to the town of Baranovich: a distance of about 70km (40 miles). the main office of HIAS: The Baranovich HIAS presence is not well-known in HIAS history. This probably was a small branch office.

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