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My Sisters Join Me in Argentina
Another year and a half went by before my sisters arrived in Argentina. We were together once more!

Why did it take so long? Because when Motl and I got married, we were both minors. Motl was 20 years old and I was 17 1/2. Also we had to "make" papers that showed that Motl has an income sufficiently high for maintaining two young girls. It took time until we succeeded in having the Civil Register accept our marriage and give us our Marriage Certificate. All this was necessary for the proceedings with the Immigration Department of Argentina. I have to say here that we were helped by the woman who rented us the rooms we were living in. She was a very caring person and she went with me to the Judge for Minors and testified that we were married according to Jewish law and customs and to convince him that he should allow us to marry in the Civil Register. This woman made a really big effort to help us.

Finally, after a year and a half of all kind of legal and official proceedings, my sisters were with us and we were happy. We rented a big dining room and we divided it with screens in order to live together. After a short time my sisters started to work. Rochl was then 15 1/2 years old and Tilly was 14. They were both beautiful, maybe a little short of stature but with an ample understanding of life. They were not able to continue their schooling, but were avid readers, very aware and mature, more due the experiences they went through than the studies they had completed.

Shortly after we arrive in Argentina, Father started sending letters asking them to come to the US. He renewed the requests for allowing their immigration and he sent two tickets for traveling to the US. My sisters did not want to leave us and always found excuses to postpone the trip.

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