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We Decide to Leave Luban
When Mother came home from the funeral she said to us: “Dear children, together with grandfather we decided that we should move to Luban and not stay here any more. Many Jewish families will leave for other places. Many have already left.”

We answered, “Yes Mother, let us escape as soon as possible. We will not stay here until after Pesach, as we had planned.

We notified our neighbor --this very nice non-Jewish man-- that we were leaving this week and asked him to help us with the sale of our house and the adjoining fields, one of them recently sown. He offered to buy the whole property, but said he had insufficient money and that we would have to give him a loan. Naturally he set a price that was convenient to him, but we thought that considering the help he had given us it was all right. We would have agreed to any price. So we got ready to leave for Luban. We only took the cow and some food with us. Our neighbor, now the owner of our house and lands, promised to use his contacts to facilitate our reaching Luban safely.

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Editor's Notes: Grandfather: Probably Grandfather Molin. To facilitate our reaching Luban safely: The narrative does not give the location of their home, but it presumably was near Luban, near enough that the family could use the bank in Luban, but not so near that the journey was trivial.

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